Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding websites can be a lot of work. How much work will it be to set up my Moments™ site?

Setting up your Moments site is as easy as writing your name and making a payment. The default theme is ready to go, so collecting guest photos and videos is easy as pie.

Why do I want a Moments™ site?

Your time on your wedding day is limited. Photos and videos are forever. Allow your guests to engage in a fun way and share a personal message, or capture a special moment. Think of it like a photo booth and a guest book… combined! And at everyone’s fingertips.

Will my content be private?

You can decide whether you want your Moments™ site to be public or private, requiring a login. Just turn on Force Login in the OwnSocial settings if you want to go Private.

I already have a wedding site. Is this another wedding planning site?

Moments™ is a capsule of your big day and all of the memories around it. We designed it to be as simple and hands-off as possible, so even your grandma can use it. Capture your guest photos and videos. That’s it!

How much does Moments™ cost?

Your custom Moments app starts at $99 for 1 year of hosting, a domain of your choosing, and unlimited access to all of your photos and videos. See Pricing for more.

What happens after my Moments™ domain expires?

After one year, you can choose to keep your Moments app up at your domain for $8 per month. If you don’t want to keep it live, you can still download all of your photos and video for whatever offline use you’d like.